Top Locations for 8x Scope Erangel-PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the most popular video game on Android and iOS. Finding weapons in PUBG Mobile is not as hectic as finding a perfect scope for your rifles. PUBG mobile offers an arsenal of weapons from shotguns, ARs to sniper rifles, and several sights and scopes to make the best use of this weapon. You all must be familiar with scopes in PUBG Mobile. But, finding 8x among all, might turn out to be difficult sometimes. 8x is the rarest scope in PUBG Mobile and your sniper is of no use with perfect 8x scope.

In this article, we’ll discuss a place with the highest probability of 8x in Erangel.

Military Base

Military Bas is one of the most populated areas on the map where players have the highest chance to find level 3 armour, good weapons including 8x scope. Many players land at the military base so it’s quite difficult to get out alive Be prepared.


Pochinki located at the centre of Erangel is the largest city place with high loot percentage. It is among the top hot drops of Erangel. more than 20 people land here every time. You can find 8x here, but it’s a risky situation. Be ready for a gun-fight.

Mylta Power

Mylta Power is a Power Station on the east coast of Erangel also known for rare items and sniper rifles. This place has the highest percentage of snipers and 8x scope as well. You can expect at least two squads here. The loot rate in Mylta powers is high.


School near Rozhok has the highest loot possibility and at least a primary location for 1-2 squads. The possibility of finding 8x scope here is decent. If you can’t find 8x here, you may get your hands on 6x definitely.


Novorepnoye is a popular place in Pubg mobile known for a vast amount of loots and rare items. Spawn rate of loots like sniper and scope here is high. The container is a famous place for squads to land has the highest percentage of loots. If you’re lucky you can get your hands first on 8x, before other squads do.

What’s your fav scope and rifle combination?

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