Top Offline Multiplayer Games- Android 2020

Are you bored of playing the same game online over and over again? Want to try some amazing game to enjoy with the people around You? You are in the right place. We’ve rounded up some amazing fun offline multiplayer games to play with friends and family members.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch is the perfect ping pong game for tennis lovers. The game delivers amazing sports experience with multiplayer options and several modes like mini-game and career mode. You can play this game with your friends without an Internet connection. It’s a fun game and free to download.

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is an arcade air hockey table game which can be played in solo or multiplayer modes. The game features several different difficulty levels, ranging from very easy to almost impossible. The entertaining part of this game is two players can play on the same device from either side. Glow Hockey 2 has great graphic and several amazing features to enjoy in-game.

Fling Fighters

Fling Fighters is a simple action game where you throw things at your enemies to get them off your back. It has 40 different characters which you can unlock through challenges. You can play it online or locally.

Ludo King

Ludo King is a popular Indian mobile game by Gametion Technologies and has more than 100 million downloads. In Ludo, players are required to move the four tokens from the starting point to the centre (home) after going around the board. The first player to reach home is the winner.


Monopoly is a classic money trading game with two game modes: the Classic Mode requires you to follow the common house rules while a Quick Mode game. The game focuses on trading where you buy, sell, and rent the in-game stuff and get richer.

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