Top PUBG Mobile India Announcements To know

 PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royale game and has evolved a lot since its release. PUBG mobile battle royale has become a phenomenon with an enormous player base globally. With millions of player base PUBG mobile triumph as the best game on Android/iOS devices. 

However, the crush of PUBG Mobile along with 118 Chinese apps as they pose a threat to the national security and privacy of the citizens of India, shook the Indian gaming community. Since the ban fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of PUBG Mobile in India.

After the two months of hiatus, on 12th November, fans received a major official announcement from PUBG Corp – The relaunch news of PUBG mobile in India. The company announced the Indian-specific version for the country. In this article, we’ll talk about all major announcement related to PUBG Mobile India that you should know.

PUBG Mobile India Announcements

$100 million investment

PUBG Corp invested $100 million in India to ensure the development of the game in India including Esports, IT, and entertainment industries. This is marked as one of the largest investment among Korean companies. The company is also aiming to hire over 100 employees, specializing and having expertise in various aspects, including game development, business, esports, and more.  

Exclusive Indian Region Esports League

PUBG Corp announced to host an esports league exclusively for the Indian region to promote the game in the country.

Data security and privacy

PUBG Corp joined hands with Microsoft Azure to host PUBG Mobile back in India. Microsoft’s public cloud computing service, Azure helps game creators to distribute their products on a global scale. The collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Microsoft Azure promises to resolve all the privacy issues of user data and stay in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Game Changes

  • Training Ground -The game will feature different functionality. We will have a ‘Virtual Simulation Training Ground’ instead of a battleground.
  • Hit Effects – Green Hit Effects instead of blood effects in the new version. The Virtual Simulation Training Ground will have different coloured hit markers and no blood effect when you hit a player.
  • Character change – PUBG mobile Indian version will have clothed character instead of a naked one in the Global version. A fully clothed character will be good for young PUBG mobile players.

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