Twitch’s Selling Digital Gift Cards

Twitch is the world’s best live stream gaming Platform. Millions of streamers and users interact daily through gaming on twitch. Twicth is biggest streaming platform with largest gaming community all over the world. It is a Streamers palace.

Over a decade Twitch attracted a lot of gamers and fans on his website and never fails to Amaze us. Twitch made an announcement of selling Digital Gift Cards that players can use to buy items on Twitch, and subscriptions to channel as well.

You can buy the gift cards available in various denominations like $25, $50, $100, and $200. Twitch says the gift cards are available digitally for now and maybe they will hit the stores soon. Check the blog post here.


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However, the digital gift cards are only available for US residents now Twitch may expand it toh other countries ASAP -“we are looking to offer them in other countries soon,” said Twitch. If you are from US residents Check the gift card here.

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