Underrated Weapons Of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the top-rated Battle Royale games having a huge player base. Millions of players play PUBG Mobile daily. Weapons are the primary reasons that attract gamers on PUBG Mobile. Using a gun in PUBG Mobile requires skills, knowledge and practice.

PUBG Mobile has every kind of weapons from long-range guns to short range, including pistols and melee weapons. However, there are several weapons in PUBG mobile, which is ignored ton of times by player during the game. Today we’ll be talking about those underrated but powerful weapon that can save you lives in PUBG Mobile.

Underrated Weapons of PUBG Mobile

MK47 Mutant

MK47 Mutant is newly added weapon in PUBG mobile. This weapon have similar traits to that of M16A4. It is often ignore by lots of player because Mutant doesn’t have full-auto mode. But, it does not limit the power of Mk47, it is most destructible weapon with higher damage. Mutant posses more damage than AKM. If you know how to properly handle Mk47 in PUBG Mobile, you’re one hell of a player.

The recoil of this gun is very much unstable and that could be the reason, it gets ignored. But you can master it easily it’s not impossible.

Thompson Gun

Thompson or Tommy Gun is another underrated weapon in PUBG mobile. It is mostly avoided because of unavailability of scope and other required attachments. But, this gun is way better can load upto 50 bullets and prove where helpful during the close combat. Thompson loads .45 ACP of bullets and deals a significant amount of damage to enemies.

Thomposon can be one of the best weapon if mastered.


SLR i say is the most underrated. However, in few months I’ve seen players have started appreciating its capability. It;s the best DMR in PUBG mobile. Can out do MIni14 you master it. SLR is the another destructible sniper in PUBG mobile.


M249 Machine Gun, the rare airdrop weapon is used by hell lots of players and many a times gets avoided because it requires much time to reload. M249 is a gun that even save you or get you killed so you have to be careful while using it and that is the reason why most players don’t opt this weapon. If mastered M249 is a beast.


Crossbows are always avoided in PUBG mobile. Since its existent, no one prefers crossbows as it requires higher reload time and fires one shot at a time. It uses bolts instead of ammo, the sound of Crossbow is close to nothing. Opponent may get confused from where they got hit.

Crossbows are good too if you know how to use. But playing a whole game with this weapon is kind of risky.

Have you played a whole classic match with any of these weapons and why?

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