Unwording Free Download PC

Embark on an uplifting journey through the mind of Tom in Unwording. Solve word puzzles, explore your surroundings from different points of view, and help Tom overcome his negative thought patterns as he finds a new perspective on life.

Tom sees the world through a lonely, glass half-empty lens. Everyday objects are transformed into complex word puzzles that remind him of everything he is missing. As they solve each puzzle, the solutions spell out messages that are irrational and defeating.

Until one day he forgets to close the window and lets a mischievous yellow bird into his life that turns his life upside down.

The bird’s bad habit causes chaos, and by solving word puzzles and exploring his surroundings, Tom must begin to see things from a different perspective, change his thinking, and change his life and the world around him.


Three distinct art styles that reflect Tom’s inner world – from 2D to 2.5D to 3D.

An honest story told without a single word of dialogue.

Challenging word puzzles that change with each game day and tell their own story.

Optional “Easy Mode” if you’re just here for the story, not the challenge.

A soothing and gentle soundtrack by Trevor Kowalski that evolves with the game.