Valorant’s First Tournament Announced

Riot Game’s Valorant has become the most popular shooter game of 2020. The officials don’t want to stop here now, they’re taking another enormous step into competitive Arena, to take this game on next level.

Valorant being released recently, Riot is all set to build a competitive scene for Valorant. The entry of Valorant in competitive game will have a great impact on player base and Esports. This title has received an immense popularity in very less time, dominating the gaming world and has crossed expectations.


Riot announced the Valorant Ignition Competitive series that will hit from next week. Developers said they partnered with over 20 major Esports organization for this tournament. Two competitions will begin on 19th June – the European G2 Esports Invitational and the Rage Valorant Japan Invitational. We can expect many more Valorant tournaments soon in coming days.

Valorant Ignition Series is the first Valorant tournament that directly involves Riot. A lot of players have been waiting for this competitive scene.

“Our partnership with Riot has helped make the European League of Legends community the force it is today and contributed to the success of the [League of Legends European Championship], and I have no doubt that we will do the same for Valorant,”said G2 esports CEO Carlos Rodriguez.

“Riot Games will support Ignition Series events with amplification through our channels, a dedicated page with an updated schedule, and sharing lessons between tournament organizers to improve the experience week over week,” Riot said in a blog post.

“We’ve already learned so much from community and organizer feedback, and we’re actively working with the development team on features that will help make it easier to watch as well as opportunities that will provide a level of competition beyond the ranked system. You’ll continue to see us increase our support for esports to ensure that both the amateur and professional scenes flourish.”

This is a major step to make the Valorant Tournament into a popular global esports. Riot Games further plans to expand the competitive scene in regions like North America, Brazil, Latin America, Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Oceania, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East.

Riot’s 5v5 popular multiplayer game ‘Valorant is set in Italy and comprise of various episodes in-game to play. Currently, the developers only unlocked the dubbed Ignition episode to play and explore in-game. While some Beta users are familiar with the maps and locations and few freshers are still taking their time to adjust. This 5v5 shooter has successfully grabbed his hold with increasing numbers of player base every day since the release.

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