Why do Indian players need BGMI Lite? Reasons Explained

PUBG Mobile gamers in India are eagerly waiting for the launch of the BGMI Lite version after BGMI is officially launched. The Indian version of PUBG Mobile “BGMI” was released on July 2, 2021. 

While many gamers are enjoying the thrill of the fierce battleground, few are requesting Krafton about the lighter version of BGMI. However, the developers did not confirm any particular Indian version of the optimized title. 

Even though players are lashing out on social media to Krafton to release the BGMI Lite. But there have been no such hints or update from developers regarding the potential release of the BGMI Lite version. 

This article shows the top reasons Why Indian players need BGMI Lite.

#1 Previous Account data

Once the LITE version is released, the developers are expected to give players the option to transfer their accounts and data, including things like cosmetics, skins, and more. Consequently, PUBG Mobile Indian gamers who have invested in the game will receive the data they deserve.

#2 Lack of Lite versions

Like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite does not have different versions. There’s only one PUBG Mobile Lite global version.

Also, in countries where gambling is prohibited, there is no specific lightweight version released for them. Likewise, there is no point in waiting for BGMI lite to be available to the Indian public.

#3 Specifications

The mobile requirements of Battlegrounds Mobile India also point at the same indication (No Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite version). BGMI can easily run on mid-to-the low-end devices. Players do not need any high-end devices to enjoy the game. Lite gamers can enjoy smooth gameplay with minimal graphics.

#4 Storage

The storage issue is the main reason behind the Lite version and BGMI requires extra space due to resource packs. The new BGMI Lite will solve this problem and provide players with a compatible game.

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