Why Indian Players need BGMI Lite version?

After the official confirmation, and release of BGMI in May 2021; fans are still hoping for an announcement regarding BGMI lite version. However, the developers did not confirm any particular Indian version of the optimized title. 

But, Indian professional PUBG mobile players like Ghatak and Maxtern believe that BGMI Lite will be released. This has caused a movement in the community. 

Even though we are not familiar with the official release of the lite version. Let us have a look at Why Indian players need the BGMI Lite version?

 Low Ram

The massive popularity of PUBG Mobile Lite in India was directly proportional to the device processing capacity(RAM). Many gamers here do not have a high-end device to experience the main PUBG Mobile version; the lite version was their go-to. Similarly, due to RAM limitations, players are facing difficulties running BGMI. The launch of BGMI Lite will fix this problem.

PUBG Mobile lite alternative

The Indian gaming community has been constantly looking for PUBG Mobile Lite alternatives after the ban. However, there’re no such games as PUBGM lite that delivers such an incredible experience in low-end devices. Hence, the need for PUBG Mobile Lite alternative as BGMI lite is another significant reason for Indian players.

Old lite account data

Indian PUBG Mobile players who invested in the game will get the data they deserve back. When the game is released, it is anticipated that the developers will give them the option to transfer their account and their data, including items such as cosmetics, skins, and more.

It would be a huge relief to those who have spent thousands of rupees on PUBG mobile lite.


Storage issues are the major reason behind the Lite version, and BGMI requires more space because of resource packs. The new BGMI Lite will address this issue and provide gamers with a compatible game.

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