Microsoft finally unveiled the next generation console X-Box Series X referred as Project Scarlett. Microsoft publicly announced the name of Next Gen console during the Game Awards in Los Angeles Thursday.

Microsoft discussed Series X new design and features.This next Gen console will support thousands of titles with new features .Phil Spencer said ,”We wanted to design a console where the form was driven by the function.”

The new Series X looks like Black slab ,vertically oriented as smart speaker .The design is intended to make the console “disappear” into your entertainment center, Spencer said. The Xbox Series X cost is still unknown and will be out for sale next year.Spencer says that Series X will offer far greater CPU performance than Xbox One with 4K/ 60frame per second.the console is build with fastest GPUs available.Xbox Series X do look like a box slab but holds great power and gaming performance.

With the rise in gaming culture Apple and other names is trying to expand and Apple recently launched its own gaming subscription service – Apple Arcade for$4.99/month providing access to 100s of games wheres as Microsoft has also been offering a Xbox Game pass for $9.99 with famous titles like Minecraft ,Halo and gears of war and 100s of more games.

Developers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts are working on famous titles like Watch Dogs: Legion,Red Dead Redemption 2 ,Cyberpunk 2077 for Next gen consoles Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.The gaming performance bar will be raised incredibly next year with Next-Gen consoles.

Microsoft says they will be revealing more about Series X at E3 2020 Next Year.

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