You can watch Pornhub on New PS5 Console | Read How

Sony’s most anticipated console of 2020 PlayStation 5 is out on stores now. If you’re a PS fan, you can grab your PS5 console available in two variants–with 4K Blu-ray disc drive, and PS5 Digital Edition that misses disc drive. For PlayStation 5 users, we’ve got an interesting revelation for you – You Can Watch Pornhub On PlayStation 5 hidden browser.

Yeah, you can access adult entertainment websites on your next-gen console with the help of hidden PS5 browser. New next-gen PS5 have a hidden browser through which you can access the most viewed pornsite- pornhub. Do you want to know how? Read the steps below to access Pornhub on PS5.

How To Access Pornhub on PS5

1) Open “Settings” menu in PS5

2) Tap on “Users and Accounts”

3) Select “Link with Other Services”

4) Choose “Twitter”

5) Click on “Link Account”

6) You will see a pop-up window asking to authorize your PlayStation Network account. Select Twitter logo at the top of the screen.

7) Enter the details and Sign in with your Twitter account

8) Now you are all set, visit the fav Twitter porn profile and click on pornhub link to access it.

10) You can easily access pornsite with the help of URL in Twitter profile.

Note that PlayStation 5 does not support some advanced media file types, but you can still stream videos seamlessly. This “makeshift” workaround is maybe limited but still helpful. Enjoy!

Sony PS5 might release the USB keyboard support in future which will definitely speed up your search process. the company is likely to erase workaround first in an upcoming PS5 update. Stay Tuned.

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